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Fostering Railway Careers: Transforming Prisoner Futures

share October 26, 2023Posted by: Jenna

Along with delivering education in 22 prisons across England, one of our key priorities is to help the prisoners find employment for their release, empowering them to rebuild their lives. One of our key partnerships in achieving this goal is with Platinum Rail Ltd, a professional Tier 2 provider of labour supply services to clients across the United Kingdom.

Platinum Rail Ltd takes immense pride in serving as a bridge between skilled individuals seeking opportunities and the ever-evolving needs of the railway sector. Their commitment to socially responsible recruitment aligns perfectly with our own, making them an ideal partner. Together with Platinum Rail Services, we have been able to secure employment for a number of our prisoners upon their release, paving the way for remarkable life-changing opportunities.

Here's just some of our Success Stories:

Prisoner MM, recognised the value of education early in his incarceration journey. Throughout his time at HMP Sudbury, he engaged with our education team, earning qualifications in Level 2 Business, Employability Skills, and achieving his CSCS card. MM's determination led him to seek railway qualifications, which would broaden his employment prospects upon release. As a result, he successfully obtained his NVQ Diploma in Rail Engineering Track Maintenance, along with OLEC-1, PTS, and TIC certifications. Thanks to our collaboration with Platinum Rail Services, we secured employment for MM upon his release in the rail industry, with Bridgeway Consulting Ltd.

Another inspiring example is MS, who had never worked before his incarceration. Eager to explore the world of work, he embraced the education opportunities provided, obtaining qualifications in Level 2 Bricklaying, Health and Safety in the Workplace, and his CSCS card. His thirst for knowledge led him to complete courses in Personal Finance and Equality and Diversity, preparing him for his future career. MS's journey took an unexpected turn when he attended a presentation day by Platinum Rail about the railway industry, deciding that it was the path he wanted to pursue. Although he initially faced challenges while completing the Diploma in Rail Engineering Track Maintenance, MS's perseverance, coupled with support from his tutor, resulted in a successful pass. His positive experience led him to aspire to support others and work towards his Level 3 in Teaching for the remainder of his time at HMP Sudbury. Platinum Rail Services was so impressed with MS that they have arranged employment for him with CRS, set to commence upon his imminent release.

A Partnership That Transforms Lives:

Our collaboration with Platinum Rail Ltd extends beyond securing jobs for prisoners. Platinum Rail actively engages with prisoners before their release, identifying those who aspire to work in the railway industry. Even after release, their support continues to ensure a smooth transition into the workforce. Remarkably, 75% of individuals who completed the Diploma through Platinum Railway and were offered employment on release have successfully started their careers within the industry. This achievement underscores the life-transforming impact of our partnership and the determination of individuals to turn their lives around.

In our ongoing mission to provide prisoners with a fresh start, we're proud to partner with organisations like Platinum Rail Ltd. Together, we're dedicated to reshaping the paths of individuals proving that education and employment can truly pave the way to a brighter future.

share October 26, 2023Posted by: Jenna