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From a Mum's perspective....How PeoplePlus helped my son

share December 16, 2021Posted by: Charlotte

We are lucky to often hear from our participants and learners about how PeoplePlus has directly affected their lives for the better but we don't often get the opportunity to hear about how it has affected those around them. Here Aiden's mum talks about the positive impact of getting support from PeoplePlus Scotland has had on her sons life.

Aiden has had lots of barriers from the minute he started secondary school. We knew it would be difficult for him to obtain a skill set to employment because of his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). And then even when he left school, he became one of the covid casualties of lockdown. Aiden had no confidence and has always displayed difficulty in communicating with strangers which we knew would be hard for him to overcome as even in social situations he can be very shy and awkward.

Aiden has become a totally different person since finishing the course with PeoplePlus Scotland. At the start he felt very insecure about trying something new, but with time and patience Andrew (Aiden’s Key Worker) got the best from him and it was amazing seeing his confidence grow. I could see it in his posture and he was actually engaging in conversation with his dad and I for once! He has definitely become more assured of himself, and the hands on work experience he did gave him the people skills he needed to take direction and instruction from employers. This is what I thought he would struggle with but the whole team took him under their wings, propped him up and showed him the ropes and this in itself gave Aiden pride and he enjoyed doing the work experience.

If any parents like myself think what will become of my child, due to the uncertainty of post lockdown and possibly even Brexit and fewer job possibilities for the kids, I would definitely recommend they sign their kids up to a course with PeoplePlus! I wanted to ensure my son wasn't just sitting in his room playing his PS4 and letting life pass him by so, I signed him up to the Fair Start Scotland programme with PeoplePlus. I explained that it would offer him long term prospects, and it has given him true life skill experiences, employee theory, and interview preparation for being in the workplace! Aiden has developed maturity and now he has gained a paid employment role. Hopefully he’s set for the future, whereas before I worried that he would struggle! I’ll be forever grateful.

Aiden’s Mum

share December 16, 2021Posted by: Charlotte