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Life Changing Stories: Meet Lynne

share October 28, 2021Posted by: Editor

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PeoplePlus at HMP Foston Hall gave me the stepping stone I needed to be the better person I knew I could be.

My Future Skills course, Level 1 Maths, IT, and Leadership, plus all the hard work I had done in my 11 months in custody, turned into something very valuable for my future career. I gave a talk to the Head of PeoplePlus telling him how much PeoplePlus had helped the girls to be more confident to go into their community and achieve something, and this is what I intended to do.

This helped me in my job as a Team Leader in Recycling at both HMP Foston and HMP Drake Hall. After my transfer I attained my Level 1 in English and was asked to be a mentor, however lock-down happened and education was closed, but I worked through lock-down in recycling and attained the WAMITAB Certificate.

Towards the end of my 18 months in custody, I was approached by Lal who told me about Jo Barnett, who worked for PeoplePlus linking employers with prisons, who said there was an opening available for me with Marie Claire at New Leaf. I was so thrilled and wanted to grab it with both hands.

I left custody 16th July 2020 for the next chapter of my journey.

Once in the community, I was approached by Marie Claire who invited me to an interview. I attended the training session and was offered a voluntary role with the company as a support worker helping ex-prisoners with all kinds of complex needs.

I started my role on 17th August 2020 and haven't looked back.

During Covid, I applied for the role of Resettlement Support Worker working at the Departure Lounge project with New Leaf. In February 2021 I was rewarded for all my hard work, with a paid role within the company.

At the end of September, I was given the title of Lead Resettlement Support Worker which I am so proud of.

If it had not been for Marie Claire, PeoplePlus and Jo Barnett, I would not have been given the opportunity to fulfill my dream of helping people to change their lives.

share October 28, 2021Posted by: Editor

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