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Nigel gains the skills he needs to work in security

share March 09, 2022Posted by: Sinead

Nigel was referred to PeoplePlus by Ingeus via the Restart programme, he had been self employed for 20 years and wanted to gain a security qualification and licence after being offered a job by an employer.

Nigel is currently awaiting his results and plans on working as a door supervisor in Manchester.

Nigel recommends anyone interested in pursuing a career in security to contact PeoplePlus. He gave this advice to other potential learners "Go for it, be open and honest and they will help all they can. They have helped me to recognise my transferable skills to expand my CV and provided interview training. I now have the qualifications I need to work in the industry. The staff at PeoplePlus gave a warm welcome from the start and have fully supported me on this journey".

If you are hiring for security roles in Manchester or if you are interested in doing the course - contact the Manchester centre on 0161 507 6366 or email

share March 09, 2022Posted by: Sinead