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Social Responsibility Organisation of the Year

share November 15, 2023Posted by: Jenna

PeoplePlus has been awarded as 'Social Responsibility Organisation of the Year' from Investors in People.

The awards took place on 14th November, where PeoplePlus was also in the Top 10 as finalists in the Silver Employer of the Year Category.

Winning the Social Responsibility Award really highlights the huge impact we are having in creating real social value, alongside all the partners and organisations we work with - changing lives one at a time and making a real difference.

Our work in prison education, employability and enabling people to live more independently enables us to create this social value - helping those who are most disadvantaged in society to reach their full potential. We also run the Social Recruitment Framework (SRF) which connects training providers, businesses and and individuals to find appropriate training to source employment. And this year, building on the success of the SRF we launched the Social Recruitment Advocacy Group, an alignment of companies who recognise the value of social recruitment, consisting of employers, public sector, not for profit & community organisations from different sectors across the UK. We created this group to form a collective power that could create true, impactful social value. This work was recognised by Investors in People and led us to win the Social Responsibility Award.

Group Managing Director, Kenny Boyle comments "This award is a testament to our collective dedication to transforming lives. It's not just recognition; it's a celebration of the impact we're making, one life at a time, and it demonstrates the real impact that we are having on creating true social value"

share November 15, 2023Posted by: Jenna