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How Restart helped Hamid move on from depression to being employed and happy

share March 15, 2022Posted by: Charlotte

Hamid is originally from Iran and has lived in the UK for 10 years. He was suffering with depression due to being unemployed and he was struggling financially, finding it difficult to pay for his rent and bills. On top of this he was suffering with illness within his family. He felt like he couldn’t move forward or get anywhere so he was referred to PeoplePlus to join the Restart Scheme.

Hamid’s employment advisor, Brian Baines, helped him to apply for discretionary housing benefit as well as open a bank account. Hamid’s English was limited so he hadn’t been able to do this for himself previously. To help combat this Brian signed Hamid up to a course to improve his English skills as well as creating a full skills training plan with PeoplePlus Trainers, tailored to support Hamid’s employability needs.

Brian works in the Stockton-on-Tees Restart office Monday to Friday and in order to avoid the rush hour traffic he always gets in early. This means he has built a good relationship with the owner of the cleaning company who clean the office every morning. The cleaning company were looking for someone to fill an open vacancy they had, and as Hamid had cleaning experience, Brian thought he would be ideal for the position. Hamid had a newfound confidence thanks to all the work with all the courses he had already done so was very happy to put himself forward. The cleaning company agreed to give him a trial and Hamid absolutely blew them away with his hard work and the effort he put in. So much so that within just 2 days Hamid was offered a job working 16 hours a week. They have also told him that as soon as more hours become available, they will offer them to him.

Working with the cleaning company has given Hamid valuable work experience as well as improving his financial position and his mental wellbeing.

Brian said “Since starting work, Hamid’s outlook has completely changed, which is so great to see. Hamid has proved he is an invaluable member of the team. It’s great to see him smiling and happy again.”

Hamid’s future plans are to pay off his existing debts and then start to save some money too.

Hamid said “I would recommend PeoplePlus. Brian helped me so much to get work. I feel happier and my bills are becoming lower and easier to pay. I have learned how to clean offices very well and this makes me happy.”

share March 15, 2022Posted by: Charlotte