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Success for Tonbridge Restart Participant

share July 12, 2022Posted by: Charlotte

Sally registered with Restart at the end of March 2022. She had been working at home as a self- employed audio typist on a part-time basis for the past three years but was struggling on a very minimal income. Sally had become quite isolated and felt that the best option would be to obtain work outside her home where she could build relationships with colleagues, obtain a regular income, and broaden her skills and her outlook.

It was clear from the outset that Sally's confidence and self esteem was low. She had very little belief in her abilities, unsure how she would relate to working in an office environment again, and felt that employers would not be interested in someone of her maturity.

We talked at length about her strengths and transferable skills and how employers would only benefit from her life experience and emotional intelligence. Sally was advised about ways to enhance her CV and she signed up to an interview skills course with our in-house trainer which included a mock interview.

Sally's CV was referred for a Customer Service Representative vacancy with local employer, AXA Health (via the PeoplePlus Social Recruitment Framework Team). Despite Sally's reservations, she was soon offered an interview and we were able to help Sally prepare in advance with another mock interview.

Sally's confidence took a dip after her interview. She was convinced that she didn't do well and felt discouraged. To her great surprise, however, she was offered the post and is due to begin training in a few weeks.

Sally emailed to say: 'You'll never believe i! They rang a little earlier to offer me the job! My goodness this has given my self-esteem a real boost. I thought I had mucked up the interview but she said I gave a very good interview and did really well in the role play. So, this is more proof to me that I CAN do it.'

Sally also said she is incredibly grateful for the excellent service she received from PeoplePlus in Tonbridge and in particular from her Employment Adviser and the in-house Trainer. She is certain that she would have struggled for a long time to find her self-confidence and employment - if ever - without the invaluable help PeoplePlus have provided her.

share July 12, 2022Posted by: Charlotte