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When Regional Employer Manager Danielle met Restart participant Jackson...

share June 01, 2022Posted by: Sarah

Jackson, Danielle and Kim in Stockton-on-Tees

Jackson Elliott joined Restart in October 2021. Supported by his PeoplePlus Employment Advisor, Kim Holden, in the Stockton-On-Tees office, Jackson developed his job goals, and together they decided on which training would best serve his ambitions.

A PeoplePlus Customer Service course, run by the Skills team in Middlesbrough, was high on his list. During his Restart appointments, Jackson had demonstrated commitment to his personal development, so Kim secured him a place. The people skills focus of the course was what Jackson needed to boost his confidence and reveal to him how much he already knew. The goal was to enable Jackson to believe in himself as a high-quality candidate for jobs that would make the most of his passion for helping people.

Danielle Bennett, Regional Employer Manager, met with the learners on Jackson’s Customer Service course, giving them perspective on their strengths, gauging their experience, and gathering insight on the types of opportunities they were looking for. Danielle’s aim was to connect participants with opportunities she and the PeoplePlus Employer Engagement management team had opened to Restart participants.

Impressed by Jackson’s communication skills, both in group work and one to one, Danielle quickly matched Jackson to a job vacancy for a PeoplePlus Employment Advisor in Stockton-On-Tees – the team Jackson had been receiving support from.

‘He demonstrated the right behaviours and attitude to be part of the People Plus family. Based on his own experience and how he was in the group, I was sure he would be able to support others back into employment.

Danielle was struck by the generous way Jackson shared his personal story, and his need to help others through his work.

'He discussed his passion for traveling and volunteering, and his experience with different cultures and customs.’

'I strongly advised Jackson that he would be suitable and encouraged him to apply.'

Jackson took Danielle’s advice - with just one day to go until the closing date he completed and submitted his application. At short notice for him, he was able to attend an interview.

Despite the speed of the process and pressure of interview, Jackson demonstrated the strengths Danielle had spotted in the training room and was offered the role.

A PeoplePlus Employment Advisor at the Stockton office since April, Jackson is using insight from his own time out of work and his PeoplePlus training to help Restart participants. He credits Restart and the support from Kim and Danielle as part of his success. 

'The Restart Scheme was perfect for me getting back into employment. They offered me courses to develop my skills, and really helped build my confidence after a long period out of work.'

Danielle is clear that this is a good news story that will benefit many people.  

'Jackson's beliefs and determination to find work will inspire others that it is possible.' 

share June 01, 2022Posted by: Sarah