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Laura Joins the YouCan Programme to Build Positive Wellbeing

share January 10, 2022Posted by: Sinead

The YouCan programme supports individuals to build positive wellbeing and develop coping strategies. The programme is flexible and adapted to meet the needs of the group.

The programme supports people to build confidence, self-esteem, reduce isolation and encourages the development of peer support. Whilst also providing relevant up to date information and advice.

Whilst studying a series of LearningPlus courses with us, Laura also joined the YouCan programme. Here's what she had to say:

"I have attended 3 out of 4 of the YouCan Be Well sessions, soon to complete my fourth session. The sessions have been amazing! We were sent out packages that contained our workbook and also a small set of things. I thought it was extremely touching to get sent this package, it contained free things like a colouring book and pens, a water bottle, a stress ball, a worry stone and a pen. Katie Ward (Carer Community Facilitator at PeoplePlus) is such a kind, caring and down to earth woman and she has made the sessions feel comfortable and open. The sessions have helped me a lot, they helped me to look at things a different way, for example, we talked about expressing emotion and that if you were someone that struggled with that you could always say a colour instead of saying outright what the problem was. I thought this was an amazing way to go about this and I had never thought about it before. The sessions are also in groups, I feel that this is beneficial as it gives you a chance to meet other people and have their opinions, input and experience given. Overall I am extremely glad I attended all the sessions and would recommend it to other people".

Do you want to join or want a bit more information first? Email

share January 10, 2022Posted by: Sinead