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Myles Garstang starts up unique gaming business with PeoplePlus Enterprise support...

share May 10, 2022Posted by: Sinead

We want to introduce you to our client from Leeds, Myles Garstang, founder of RuneFable Ltd. His business idea was to make and sell handmade artisan resin dice for tabletop gaming, offering ‘functional art’ to customers that desire designs to fit their own stories at the table. He hoped to sell directly through a website and bring an artisan level product to boardgame/gaming shops.

Myles previously worked in academia as a scientist, he had little experience with the financial and promotion side of business. He came to PeoplePlus to join the Start Up West Yorkshire programme hoping to gain support with starting his own business. He felt he needed someone to hold him accountable to commitments he set himself and have someone available to offer advice to help him set up his own business.

Myles Garstang
Myles Garstang

StartUp West Yorkshire equipped Myles to move his business forward

Myles was assigned a business advisor Jelani who held him accountable and provided encouraging feedback on his progress. Myles said:

“Having an advisor to go to with issues of concerns I may be having has been extremely important and has helped me stick to a business plan and commit to seeing how something plans out before changing tact”

Myles also joined a lot of the PeoplePlus online webinars on financial, marketing and bookkeeping which helped him get to grips with crucial aspects of running a business that he had no experience in. He found the breadth of courses amazing, and thought the information was very personalised in many cases, which is priceless. Myles said:

“I have, thanks to Start Up West Yorkshire, now got a particular and tailored business plan, my social media strategy has honed, and I’ve developed the confidence and building blocks to move RuneFable Ltd forward. I am doing something I love and have produced products that I am passionate about”

Plans for the future

Myles hopes to secure orders with local and national gaming stores in hope that they will stock his artisan dice. He plans to attend many conventions and scale up on production. He hopes that this will allow him to have the business as a sustainable sole income for himself.

Start Up West Yorkshire is a fully funded programme that provides support to the self-employed, freelancers and gig economy workers across West Yorkshire. If you would like to find out more about Start Up West Yorkshire, register online or email

share May 10, 2022Posted by: Sinead