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SecuriGroup Joins the SRAG

share November 22, 2023Posted by: Jenna

SecuriGroup has recently joined the Social Recruitment Advocacy Group. Having worked with people from disadvantaged backgrounds for a number of years, and having held a relationship with PeoplePlus for many years, they wanted to cement this further by joining the SRAG.

SecuriGroup join us as a Bronze member - identified as advocates to promote social responsibility across their workforce and network. Not only do they embrace the fundamental principles of diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility, they’ve shown their commitment to promoting social change by recognising the importance of offering opportunities to underrepresented individuals. This level signifies the continuation of their journey towards creating a more equitable and inclusive society, one step at a time.

Monica O’Brien, Recruitment Coordinator at SecuriGroup says:

"We are absolutely delighted to be working with the Social Recruitment Advocacy Group. Having worked alongside a range of employability partners for nearly three decades, we look forward to the further steps we will take to uplift individuals and communities with the group’s support. Our purpose is to strengthen society and in partnership with the SRAG, we will continue to provide rewarding career journeys where everyone's individual potential can truly flourish."

SecuriGroup in Action

Navigating career transitions can be daunting, but when guided by the right support, there can be a world of opportunities. Mark Leighton, now employed by SecuriGroup is just one example of how a life has been transformed by socially responsible recruitment practises, and the employability relationship between SecuriGroup, PeoplePlus and the SRAG. Mark, who had a background in customer service from Call Centre work, has now discovered an unexpected yet fulfilling path into the world of security.

Mark's proficiency in customer service formed the base of his skillset. Seeking new challenges and growth, Mark decided to explore alternative industries and sought the assistance of PeoplePlus, on the recommendation of the Job Centre. Through closely working with our Case Workers, we identified Mark's potential for a transition into the security sector.

Understanding Mark's profile, we recommended SecuriGroup as an ideal match for his skills and aspirations. During an introductory talk with SecuriGroup, Mark was immediately invested in the company's offering, and the promising nature of the security role presented to him. SecuriGroup offered Mark not just a job, but a career path that aligned seamlessly with his customer service background. The company's commitment to excellence and its emphasis on employee development resonated with Mark, convincing him that this was not just a job change but a strategic career move.

Mark is thoroughly enjoying his role within the team, something he said has never felt able to say about a position before. He sees a real future with the company, acknowledging the clear progression and development opportunities that lie ahead. Mark particularly appreciates the supportive and approachable nature of the management, a factor which SecuriGroup pride themselves on and believe is key in fostering a positive working environment.

Mark's journey from a Call Centre to a thriving career as a Mobile Supervisor showcases the positive impact of employability partnerships, like this one. At SecuriGroup, their core purpose is to strengthen society and by utilising the partnership with PeoplePlus and the SRAG, collectively we bridge gaps in employment, promote social mobility and provide pathways for individuals to embark on fulfilling and rewarding career journeys.

share November 22, 2023Posted by: Jenna