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Asher D

share January 20, 2022Posted by: Helen

Here former member of So Solid Crew Ashely Walters talks about his experience in prison, what led him there, and the action he has taken since leaving to change his story. Ashley talks honestly about his past, and gives powerful advice to those currently serving time at Her Majesty's pleasure.

Ashley talks to our Head of Digital Learning and Strategy Jezz Wright about the gang-culture in South London where he grew up, and how he was heavily influenced by those around him. He tells Jezz how he felt a sense of belonging in that environment and how he handled that pressure and the unwritten rules of prison life.

What is really powerful about this interview is not only Ashley's personal experience and how he has turned his life around since leaving prison, but also how being in prison helped him to develop as a person. As we have already heard this week from Peter Mendham, prison education and the courses available while inside, were key to giving Ashley the confidence to pursue learning and gain practical skills.

Life-changing Stories

At PeoplePlus we believe in reducing re-offending, and with those who leave prison and secure with in their first 12 months being 25% less likely to re-offend, we know the impact that employability skills and training can have on the prison population.

We are incredibly proud of the lives we have changed while working inside prisons, and have collated them on our website so you can see the difference our team makes every day.

One such story is Sam at HMP North Sea Camp.

Sam joined North Sea Camp in July this year and was very apprehensive about attending the Education department due to his autism and social anxiety. Sam was very open with our Inclusion support coordinator (ISC) and worked closely with her to develop a strategy plan. Sam has progressed through Level 1 and 2 Manuel Handling course and is already seeing the benefits of that education. Read his story and more like it here

Watch Ashley's interview:

This interview was recorded as part of a series by Wayout TV to inspire prisoners with different voices on their prison experience. The rest of the series will be posted throughout the week 17th - 21st January. Wayout TV provides education, information, opportunity, and innovation to inmates in over 60 prisons, find out more about the work they're doing to change the outcome for 100s of offenders here.

share January 20, 2022Posted by: Helen