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Stephen Fry

share January 21, 2022Posted by: Helen

In this interview headliner Stephen Fry speaks of his own experience behind bars, his relationship with the staff there, the unwritten rules that must be followed, and what changes he would like to see in the prison system if given the chance.

We are sharing this video of Stephen Fry's interview from Wayout TV's Christmas Conversations as the finale of our week long Different Voices interviews. These interviews offer a unique perspective on prison life and an insight into the work being done by PeoplePlus to reduce re-offending, and offer an alternative path for prisoners.

Stephen talks about his experience in prison where he spent 3 months aged 17 for credit card fraud. He speaks about his relationship with the staff there, of how he felt walking in and what he spent his time doing while on remand, as well as his feelings on the justice system as a whole.

Wayout TV

Wayout TV is a bespoke in-cell television channel providing educational courses and informative programmes for prisoners in over 60 prisons. Wayout TV has supported 100s of prisoners with their education journey inside.

We produce and curate the very best content to complement and extend our learning, training, and employment programmes.

The channel also allows prison Governors and management teams to instantly communicate with their prisoners directly in their cells.

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Watch Stephen's interview:

This interview was recorded as part of a series by Wayout TV to inspire prisoners with different voices on their prison experience. The rest of the series will be posted throughout the week 17th - 21st January. Wayout TV provides education, information, opportunity, and innovation to inmates in over 60 prisons, find out more about the work they're doing to change the outcome for 100s of offenders here.

share January 21, 2022Posted by: Helen